Print House

The Print House concept was conceived by Tony Capasso with renderings done by Matthew Rosenberg of M-Rad Architecture. The inspiration was Tony Stark’s Malibu Mansion in Marvel’s “Iron Man” movie.

Print House springs from the need to optimize a method of constructing buildings that has become a dominant practice for well over a century. Concrete construction has become pervasive due to its high compressive strength and aversion to corrosion and weathering effects. Unfortunately, its excess material usage in forming and strengthening the material has become costly and inefficient.

We aim to change the way concrete materials are made. We will create new formal and sustainable opportunities through a layering or ‘3D printing’ of concrete. We look back to the ancient methods of laying brick and building arches. By combining the construction principles of an arch with the catenary elasticity as seen in the silk of a spider’s web, we create the Print House.

The roof peaks reach to the sky both in an aesthetic gesture to the rolling hills of its Malibu surroundings and, perhaps more importantly, as cues of sun paths and water collection devices. The house is innovative in design, sustainability and construction. It is absolutely the house of the future… today.